Enter lens' focal length: mm.

Enter film or digital sensor format:
height         width 
 inches    centimeters    milimeters

Pick a stantard portrait type

or enter subject's dimensions:
height  x  width 
meters  centimeters  feet  inches

Depth of field

Pick a circle of confusion:
0,029 mm for ~ full frame, 24x36 mm
0,067 mm for ~ 6x9 cm / 2.25x3.25 in
0,11 mm for ~ 9x12 cm / 4x5 in
0,15 mm for ~ 13x18 cm/ 5x7 in
0,22 mm for ~ 18x24 cm/ 8x10 in

Aperture you intend to use: f/
Distance to your focus point:  mm
leave it blank to accept the calculated distance.

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