Étude sur la vie et les travaux scientifiques de Charles Chevalier | Arthur Chevalier

For generations, Chevalier family was in the scientific business producing specially optical instruments since 1765. Charles Chevalier (1804-1859) designed the first lenses that equipped photographic cameras, produced by Alphonse Gireaux, intended for daguerreotypes. This book was written by his son, Arthur Chevalier, and published in 1862. On top of the biography, it features several documents and letters. Charles was very close to Nicéphore Nièpce (with whom exchanged intense mail) and Louis Daguerre (they use to see each other in Paris). It was Charles who set both in contact. This book constitutes an important source for those researching in photography history, for being the testimonial of one of its most important actors.

Can be found at Internet Archive.

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