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Retina Reflex III | Kodak

There was a Kodak AG in Stuttgart, dedicated to sophisticated cameras and demanding specifications. There were for four decades a line of cameras called Retina, of which the Retina Reflex was the most sophisticated and end of that era.

Bessamatic | Voigtlander

One of the latest monoreflex launched by one of the big names in German industry before the category's dizzying growth with Japanese brands. With impeccable construction and a great range of optics, Bessamatic also boasts the title of the first 35 mm camera to offer a Zoom lens for photography, the Zoomar 36-82mm f / 2.8

Camera Lucida | Chambre Claire P. Berville

Halfway between the photographic image and the manual drawing, the Camera Lucida was very popular in both artistic and scientific imagery. See how it works optically and learn a little about its history.

Parodinal, homemade developer in mono-doses

This is a developer that you can easily make at home. It is very versatile, has a long shelf life in concentrated form and is easy to use. Its formula uses dilutions of 1:25, 1:50, 1: 100, and up to 1: 200 in water. It is a great option for developing black and white films for those who develop occasionally and want to work with just one developer...

Vitessa L | Voigtlander

Another Voigtlander camera with an innovative design. This folding 35 mm has bellows and barn-doors, focus adjustment on the rear of the camera, advancing the film with a vertical rod that is driven like a piston. The lens is a sophisticated 50mm f / 2 Ultron

Contessa | Zeiss Ikon

This is a compact and sophisticated camera for 35mm films, but with a strong heritage of medium format folding cameras. It is a great choice for those who want to take analog photography with manual control of all parameters.

A little story of images

A reflection on our relationship with images from an lived experience in which an affective reference comes and goes between past and present, painting and photography.

Cottingley Faries

Two children photographed fairies in 1917 in England. The famous spiritualist Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes, saw the beginning of a new era of communication with parallel worlds. In this article, Cottingley's fairies are the pretext for a reflection on the authenticity of images.

Midg nº2 | Butcher

Very popular camera from the beginning of the 20th century, with only one speed and a lens that is simply an achromatic doublet, the old landscape lens. But the results are surprisingly good and the camera is very practical to use.

Klito | Houghton

This type of camera was important in the creation of a new segment and new period in the history of photography. It was with this category that amateur photographers were finally able to produce their family and travel snapshots, without the complications of ground glass cameras, with their tripods and black cloths.

Large Format Lenses in Digital Cameras, does it work?

Discusses the adaptation and use of large-format lenses with full-frame or smaller digital cameras. Concepts of circle of confusion, focal length and angle of view are reviewed as a basis to theoretically understand the reason for the loss of sharpness in the images thus produced.

Solar UV Exposure Meter | complete project

Complete tutorial for building a device that allows you to make sun exposures with the same amount of UV radiation even at different times and atmospheric conditions. Useful for cyanotype, gum bichromat, salted paper and other historical photographic printing processes.