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Enlarger head using RGB LEDs – complete project

Complete project for the construction of a photographic amplifier head using RGB LEDs. Includes your timer / mixer. It allows the use of multi-contrast papers and can be fixed on a 4x5 camera for use as an amplifier.

Spot retouching in black and white photographic prints

Tutorial shows you how to spot retouch black and white photos either by chemical reduction, or by depositing pigments to darken small areas. Procedure can be used for fault correction or creatively as photograph interventions. Example shows how to enhance catchlights.

Eidoscope | SOM Berthiot

A lens originally developed by Hermagis and launched in 1903, the Eidoscope is one of the highlights of soft focus optics. This sample was manufactured later by SOM Berthiot, which kept Eidoscope in its catalog after acquiring Hermagis in 1934.

Duaflex II | Kodak

Bakelite camera manufactured by Kokak in the fifties. It uses 620 films that are no longer manufactured, but having two empty reels, it is possible to spool the film 120 with its own protective paper and markings, because internally the reels are compatible.

Klito nº3A | Houghton Ltd.

Known as detective cameras, falling plate cameras, magazine cameras or, for the novelty of its day, simply as hand cameras, the Klito was very important in the history of photography as a transition from a tripod and black cloth to handheld camera photography.

Symmar S | Schneider Kreuznach

One of the most commonly used large format lens at the height of analog photography, Symmar follows a 1903 concept named plasmat and has been adopted as a standard lens by many thousands of photographers.

Anticomar | Plaubel

Anticomar is a somewhat controversial lens. Designed on the basis of a Tessar, it is able to bring many details and definition. However, in this version of Plaubel, it brings also a reasonable level of flare that creates a slight halo around bright objects.

Penti II | Pentacon

Pentacon's Penti II is a nice 60's camera that is perfectly usable even today. Colorful and fully impregnated with the design of its time, it is a great companion for the memory of tours and events.

Photo-Technique, Fundamentals & Equipment | Walls, H.J.

Although published in 1954 this is not a very difficult book to find for purchase online. Organized by H.J.Walls and edited by Focal Press is one of the few books written for amateurs that goes beyond the surface of the principles of optics, the nature of light, sensitometry and the characteristics of lenses and photographic equipment. A great...

Zeiss Ikon Cameras 1926-39 | D. B. Tubbs

The book first deals with the mergers that originated the giant Zeiss Ikon and then analyzes company’s extensive portfolio until the beginning of World War II. It is interesting on commenting the strategy, the mistakes and successes of what was arguably the most innovative camera manufacturer in the first half of the twentieth century. From...