The optics of Photography and Photographic Lenses | J. Traill Taylor

the-optics-of-photographt-and-photographic-lenses-taylorVery good book about photographic lenses. Published in 1904, third edition, introduces the nature of light and goes directly to the issue of a photographic image. Explains the problems of aberration, angle of view, aperture and focus among other key concepts. It is a pragmatic text and relates designs with field of application like landscapes and portraiture. Discusses what each one prioritises and about what it gives up, developing the concept that in optics (maybe in life) you can never have it all. Talks about the different design that made the history of the very fruitful 19th century. A excellent introduction to the question of photographic lenses and will certainly give to the contemporary reader many insights to think about photography and its lenses nowadays.

It is available online and for free. Follow the link:  The optics of Photography and Photographic Lenses

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