Zeiss Compendium East & West: 1940-1972 | Charles M. Barringer e Marc James Small

book-barringer-charles-zeiss-compendium-east-west-1940-1972Zeiss Ikon was a photographic camera producer, result of a merge of three other important makers. It had a difficult to overestimate role in the history of photography. This book is about its last decades and analyses how its incredibly diversified offer, in concepts and formats, ended up being unbearable and in conflict with profitability. It lost terrain to the more specialised competitors producing 35 mm, or medium format, large format, panoramic or even miniatures with a focused approach. Important do not mistake it with Zeiss, the lens producer, that was in the same group and continued being today still a leading company in its field.

It is very interesting to anyone willing to know that history. The authors Charles M. Barringuer and Marc James Small managed very well in mixing technical specifications, launch dates and camera models with a more narrative approach talking bout the challenges, successes and failures of this German company.

Very interesting also for anyone having, who inherited and will let Zeiss Ikon cameras mentioned in the book for future generations. It is an important document and an efficient way to flag the importance of that object, as it may not be so evident to next generation.

Book can be found used and new at Amazon in this link: Zeiss Compendium East & West: 1940-1972

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