Complete Self-Instructing Library of Practical Photography | Schriever J. B.

10-volume collection, edited in 1909, that really covers a wide variety of photography topics. Interesting reading ranging from aspects of the physics and chemistry of photography to managing a studio and succeeding in the business.

This is the first volume and all can be found on the Internet Archive. Links and related topics below

Vol 1:
Elementary Photography

Vol 2:
Negative Developing and After-Manipulation Including Development of Films and Plates, Intensifying, Reducing also Ammonia, Factorial and Tank Development. Wet Plate and Ferrotype Processes

Vol 3:
General Exterior Photography Composition

Vol 4:
Photographic Printing PART I

Vol 5: 
Photographic Printing PART II Copying, Enlarging, Lantern Slides

Vol 6:
At-Home Portraiture, Flashlight, Interiors, Lenses

Vol 7:
Studio Portraiture PART I

Vol 8:
Studio Portraiture PART II, Studio System

Vol 9:
Commercial, Press, Scientific Photography

Vol 10:
Negative Retouching, Etching and Modeling.
Encyclopedic Index.

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