Photographic Lenses – How to choose and how to use | John A. Hodges

photographic-lenses-john-rodgesBook published in 1894. Divided into three sections:

  1. Optical principles and definitions
  2. A description of photographic lenses
  3. The choice and use of photographic lenses

We can perceive there a very pragmatic approach, but it does not loosen with scientific accuracy. It is interesting for those who like studying  history of image making and also for those considering or already using lenses from the 19th century. That is becoming very attractive if one wants to break through the clutter and do something different from the mannerism that today’s lenses are offering. But to avail oneself with these old glasses one has to do what old photographers used to do: study and understand what each type of design and construction is and what it can deliver. In this sense, this is a good book for those willing to risk in that territory.

It is available for free download. Follow this link:  Photographic Lenses

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