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Symmar S | Schneider Kreuznach

One of the most commonly used large format lens at the height of analog photography, Symmar follows a 1903 concept named plasmat and has been adopted as a standard lens by many thousands of photographers.

Anticomar | Plaubel

Anticomar is a somewhat controversial lens. Designed on the basis of a Tessar, it is able to bring many details and definition. However, in this version of Plaubel, it brings also a reasonable level of flare that creates a slight halo around bright objects.

Penti II | Pentacon

Pentacon's Penti II is a nice 60's camera that is perfectly usable even today. Colorful and fully impregnated with the design of its time, it is a great companion for the memory of tours and events.

Photo-Technique, Fundamentals & Equipment | Walls, H.J.

Although published in 1954 this is not a very difficult book to find for purchase online. Organized by H.J.Walls and edited by Focal Press is one of the few books written for amateurs that goes beyond the surface of the principles of optics, the nature of light, sensitometry and the characteristics of lenses and photographic equipment. A great...

Zeiss Ikon Cameras 1926-39 | D. B. Tubbs

The book first deals with the mergers that originated the giant Zeiss Ikon and then analyzes company’s extensive portfolio until the beginning of World War II. It is interesting on commenting the strategy, the mistakes and successes of what was arguably the most innovative camera manufacturer in the first half of the twentieth century. From...

Ikonta and Super Ikonta | Zeiss Ikon

Real dynasty of folding cameras from 1929 to 1960. Zeiss Ikon's Ikontas and Super Ikontas were very important in bringing quality to medium format photography leaving behind glass plates after nearly 100 years as a major photographic medium.

Olympus OM1n | Olympus

Not prized at the time of Nikon and Canon dominance, the Olympus OM series enjoys a good reputation in the analog photography community today. Its optics are excellent and its construction is robust, reliable and creative.

Dry plate and film negative retouching

Full description of the method for retouching black and white photographic negatives. The technique described is the same as that used from the beginning of silver gelatin emulsions. Very effective for smoothing and correcting, especially portraits.

Baby Box Tengor | Zeiss Ikon

Small Zeiss Ikon camera from the 1930s. Uses 127 film and shoots in 3x4 cm format with Goerz's Frontar lens. A little princess from the box cameras' days.

Protar V – Anastigmat 1:18 | Carl Zeiss Jena

Protar V - Carl Zeiss Jena 14 cm, 1:18, super wide angle lens 1926

Lens from Carl Zeiss, designed in 1890/ These samples were produced in 1926/7. The Protar V is an super wide angle lens capable of excellent results although very small and light weight. A desirable optics for large format photography.

Respooling 127 film from 120

Complete tutorial about how to cut 120 to 127 film format and spool it into a 127 film reel. Materials, devices, video and measurements, everything you need to know to use again your cute Baby 127 camera.